Archelon – Sea turtle protection society of Greece

Sea turtle protection society of Greece

In August 2017, I volunteered for Archelon as part of a turtle conservation project in Greece. The number of loggerhead turtles nesting on the coasts of Greece has been steadily declining due man-made impact on their habitat. due to interference of their habitat from man.

What did I do?

How I helped
I was part of a team monitoring the beaches where the female turtles come to lay their eggs. Each day we counted man-made objects on the beach, picked up rubbish and removed and sand barriers that could impact the turtles. We built bamboo barriers around nests to protect them against predators like foxes and other mammals. In addition, we built shading for nests to prevent disturbance from man-made light sources.

For more information or if you would like to volunteer or donate go their website:


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