Graphic design

From powerful messages to creative ideas, I can help you transform your content into eye catching, impactful communication that reaches and moves your target audience.

My approach always starts with research to understand your needs, followed by a strategy, a concept and implementation, with your needs reflected at every step.

Logos & House styles

Your brand’s visual expression is crucial for your company’s success.

From developing logos that capture your brand’s essence to defining styles that embody everything your brand stands for, I can help you visually and emotionally connect your values to your customers.

Desktop publishing, artwork & imagery

We can tell stories together. Transfer knowledge. Inspire. Inform.

I believe in combining imagery, layout and words to create communication that expresses your values and touches your target audiences. From defining and art-directing photography, to finding the perfect images, to creating clear and simple layouts, I will help you turn your ideas and messages into meaningful, visual stories.

Art & Design techniques

Unique can be powerful! I can use my art and design techniques to make your project stand out. Techniques such as lino printing, illustration, painting and 3D models can bring a personalised and highly unique expression to your communication, from a wedding invitation to a marketing brochure.

House style documentation

Your house style is an important expression of your brand. I can help you ensure that it is consistent and clear across all media and throughout your company. I have gained experience documenting house styles for international companies like IKEA and I can help your company too!

Production & print management

I offer end-to-end services and have experience managing all aspects of communication production, including managing digital development, print productions and complex projects.

I work with a highly collaborative approach that makes the most of all resources while also meeting all crucial milestones and deadlines.

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