Who is KUBE Art & Design?

KUBE Art & Design is a freelance graphic design company offering full range of design and visual identity services.

My name is Caroline Kube. I am an independent freelance graphic designer based in Delft, The Netherlands with over 15 years of experience working in-house at Inter IKEA Systems B.V. as a visual communicator.

I studied Graphic Design at Coventry University (1st Class Graphic Design BA Honours) before stepping into Inter IKEA Systems B.V. From setting up a culture center in Sweden, to creating the first internal app, to producing quarterly internal magazines –¬† I worked on many exciting and impactful projects. I have vast experience and a deep understanding of how to create meaningful communication, from printed material to event communication and set up to 3D communication.

I am an open-minded and effective communicator with strong problem-solving skills who keeps the needs of the end receiver in mind. My work experience, mixed nationalities (Venezuelan, South African and German) and extensive travels have given me a rich perspective for working with and meeting the needs of diverse cultural environments.

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