IKEA Foundation IWitness 2018 magazine

The IKEA Foundation’s IWitness magazine highlights IKEA co-workers blogs from their visits to projects run by the IKEA Foundation’s partners. While they’re on their trips, they share their experiences so that all co-workers, customers, friends and family can see how, together with our partners, we are helping children in some of the world’s poorest communities.

The assignment was to:
1) Design a 12-page printed magazine
2) Highlight all of the countries that IKEA co-workers went to
3) Celebrate 500+ IKEA co-workers that have been on an IWitness trip
4) Include an interactive element from ther Gapminder quiz.

They wanted something personable, with a twinkle in the eye where appropriate, empathetic and humble but proud of the experiences of the IKEA co-workers and achievements.


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